Designer creates new accessibility-minded brand of accessories

Cupholder. Courtesy FFORA

Lucy Jones, founder of FFORA,  a company whose “mission statement is simple, the world made accessible to all.” After embracing a challenge by one of her professors at Parsons to design something that could change the world, the young designer began to talk to one of her family members who had cerebral palsy.

“This challenged me to better consider the accessibility of my creations and reach out and listen to others’ stories. I spent a year listening to a diverse group of individuals who all had varying needs and desires,” he expressed in a Teen Vogue interview. Her inquiry continued to larger collaboration and people with disabilities which informed the production and creation of her FFORA brand.

Jones elaborated further on her future ambitions. “For too long, the disability community has had to reinvent or hack their belongings or surroundings due to lack of available products. We believe everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in the products that they use every day, and I hope that FFORA will support the continuation of this conversation.”