Designed for love

Designed for love

n the design and colour of your bedroom improve your love quotient? Yes, according to research.

Colour, light, sound, texture, aroma et al, go a long way to enhance intimacy in relationships. Psychology professors Sam Gosling and Lindsay Graham, from Texas, US, studied data from various couples’ homes to come to the conclusion that the way a couple decorates — or redecorates — their home is an indicator of the kind of relationship they share.

Says Graham, “For example, we noticed that couples tend to be all-or-nothing when it comes to photos of themselves. There are either tons of photos of their wedding day or their travels or none at all.”


The study found that people who display candles tend to be more open to new experiences, and that more photos of people indicate extroversion. To increase your love quotient, experts suggest, it’s essential to build a private oasis in your home – a small corner that helps keep the romance alive.


Personalised, romantic space goes a long way to strengthen relationships. There’s no need for money or complicated interior decor changes; something as simple as having tea on the cosy patio on pink chairs, or creating a red bedroom to improve sensual intimacy, can work wonders.


Colour plays a large role in a bedroom’s atmosphere. Red evokes passion, as do shades of grey, black eggplant purple, deep chocolate brown and dark blue.


Blogger Penelope Sloan says light dimmers have the power to create a romantic, sexy setting without any extra effort.


[SOURCE :-timesofindia]