Dear fashion lovers, here are 5 wacky trends that you need try for your next party

Animal print hair and glitter lips are for those who are not afraid to try something new.

Bored with the same old look? Go beyond your comfort zone and give offbeat hair styles or quirky make-up a shot. There are many unconventional trends like animal print hair colour or glitter lips to choose from. Ishika Taneja, Executive director of Alps group, and make-up expert Gunjan Gaur, list down some trends:

* Glow in the dark hair: This is fun and ideal to sport at a late-night concert or party. No surprise then that it’s fast catching up, and everyone is trying it at least once.

* Glitter lips: If you’re someone who just can’t get enough of the sparkle, then this trend is just for you. All you need to do is to put a shade of lipstick of your choice and add some matching magical glitter dust on top. The trend is not just making waves at the runway internationally, but also is a big hit at Indian weddings.

* Glitter hair partition: Move over messy and beaded hair. Glitter hair partition is something to surely try this season. Just apply a thick coat of glitter on your roots after parting your hair. It has the power to add an oomph factor to your simple hairstyle.

* Asymmetrical haircuts: In this, one side is cut right at the chin level or spikes, while the other side is kept longer adding a feminine edgy touch to your style. It highlights your eyes and draws attention to your jawline.

* Animal print hair colour: It is the latest hair colour trend, and is strictly for the bold and adventurous. To get this exotic look, apply an animal print stencil onto the hair and create different patterns. From leopard to zebra to tiger, there are many options.