DA: Boston attorney stole from clients, used firm to fund extravagant lifestyle

A Boston attorney charged with swindling nearly $250,000 from clients, associates and even an intern-turned-girlfriend and using the money for a life of luxury has been held on $1 million bail.

Wassem Amin, 31, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to 26 charges including credit card application fraud, larceny, money laundering and forgery.

Prosecutors say he used the money for drugs, gambling, a Mercedes-Benz lease and an $11,000-per-month penthouse apartment.

In one allegation, the DA said Amin stole nearly $50,000 that a young Tunisian man wired to him to start up a ceramics company.

“He needed the money when it came in because he previously sent a check for insufficient funds to Mercedes Benz to lease this car. The defendant is not credit worthy. He has run into trouble based upon his drugs and penchant for the high life,” Assistant District Attorney Michele Granda said.

Prosecutors say the 31-year-old Amin used a business partner’s identity to open several lines of credit without that person’s knowledge and embezzled nearly $50,000 from a client.

His attorney argued for lower bail, saying there is an immigration detainer on Amin, an Egypt native who overstayed a student visa. She says he’s not a flight risk because his passport expired.

[Source:-Fox 25]