Clothing, accessories with prescription pill design upset substance abuse awareness organization

Some call a collection of clothes, purses and accessories with a prescription pill design art. But, a local group says it is irresponsible.

The items are handbags, dresses, sweatshirts, and even i-phone cases printed with images of prescription pills and prescription bottles. The designer is Moschino, based in Milan.

Howard Weissman, the executive director of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse called out Nordstrom on social media for carrying the clothes and accessories, and he wants the retail chain to stop carrying the items.

“This is a major public health emergency that requires solutions,” Weissman said. “It doesn’t require fashion accessories that minimize the devastation that’s ravaging our communities. I thought it was tasteless and I thought it was remarkably tone deaf.”

Weissman said prescription opioids are a gateway drug to heroin, and 80 percent of heroin addicts get their start by abusing prescription medications.

Nordstrom issued the following statement:

[SOURCE:-12 News]