Why Chinese language online consumers are paying $50 for a box of Weet-Bix

THE dense, dry, desserts of every Australian’s formative years breakfast desk memories have emerge as one of the freshest merchandise available on the market in China.
That’s right, the humble Weet-bix is the subsequent huge element with regards to China’s social media based totally obsession with Australian merchandise.
Packing containers of Sanitarium’s maximum famous breakfast product, which go for between four and 5 dollars in Aussie supermarkets are being bought for upwards of $50 by way of local exporters on Chinese language social media web sites, taking over Australian-made toddler system and paw paw ointment as ought to-haves from Down Under.
The query on everybody’s lips, of path, is how did the familiar, excessive-fibre, safe to eat bricks of wheat come to be attractive?
It turned into the age vintage superstar endorsement that sparked the massive spike in demand, resulting in dealers being capable of massively up their charges.
A popular Chinese language drama featured the product, sending call for soaring.
In step with Chinese language advertising professional Livia Wang of Get admission to China, the phenomenon that has visible Weet-Bix sales bounce need to be seen as a tremendous possibility for Australian producers.
She says that while products like Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment and now Weet-Bix have turn out to be famous and in-call for typically through danger endorsements in China, it’s time for different organizations to start taking observe.
“I have to mention it’s quite unpredictable,” she says of the phenomenon that noticed purchasers clamour for both products.
“The state of affairs (with Weet-Bix) befell due to the fact the celeb was shown with the product and then the call for generated.
“Who’s the following hero product? We don’t recognise. It relies upon Who’s lucky to be picked up by means of celebrities, however I think it’s virtually an possibility for Australian brands.”
Chinese born commercial enterprise girl, Livia Wang has began a enterprise helping Chinese language in Australia sell Australian products at the net in China. Photograph: Jane Dempster
Chinese language born enterprise female, Livia Wang has started a enterprise supporting Chinese in Australia promote Australian products on the net in China. Photograph: Jane DempsterSource:News Corp Australia
Ms Wang says Australian corporations have been taking little benefit of the influence of Chinese language celebrities and social media giants, leaving the popularity in their product as much as risk.
“It may be quite costly to pay for a product to be encouraged, however the scenario might be a movie star to function your product on (social media site) Weibo, or daigous (on line sellers) recommend some of the goods, they become very popular and can be offered for lots, a whole lot better charge,” she stated.
Although Weet-Bix is at the moment promoting for up to 10 times its shelf charge online, Ms Wang believes the market will soon degree out.
“Even in case you are promoting to China, in the intervening time you may promote $50 for Weet-Bix, it’s because you want to deliver the product, it takes months to create market gap once you agree the supply,” she said.
“I don’t consider there may be a method for the rate. It starts offevolved off very high after which it’ll balance. however products which are very excessive demand for Australia can typically be sold at a higher price.”
Weet-Bix has joined the ranks of products like infant system and diet supplements which can be nonetheless offered for multiple times the charge they move for in Australia.
The intense demand for child formula brought about a scarcity in Australian stores in advance this year, prompting shops to restrict sales which outraged Australian households who believed their kids have been having to go with out because of offshore buyers hoarding the product.
Although the onselling of Australian products has brought on essential trouble in the beyond, Ms Wang says it’s critical merchandise’ new-observed popularity in China isn’t seen as a horrific aspect for Australian consumers, but an opportunity for groups.
“Take a look at the ability, “ she stated.
“If It is able to show up on this way with the aid of hazard, and the businesses response to it reactively, we can make it manually manifest, push the method, and push call for in China.”