Catholics should stay away from Nov 19 street demos

While the Bersih 5 and Red Shirt demonstrators may sweep the streets of Kuala Lumpur on Nov 19, a Malacca Portuguese delegation will be in Vatican City to witness the appointment of Malaysia’s first cardinal by Pope Francis. This is a day that Malaysians of the Catholic faith will be proud of and celebrate by rejoicing this historic occasion. As a member of the Malacca Portuguese community, whose ancestors were responsible for defending the religion during the Dutch persecution of Catholics, I call on Catholics to join me and celebrate this great day in churches and in homes. In this respect, I urge Catholic institutions to refrain from participating in the street demonstrations on that day. You have your right to believe in your political ideology. But for Catholic churches in Malaysia, this is a day we must celebrate the appointment of Archbishop Tan Sri Anthony Soter Fernandez rather than be entangled in demonstrations. The church and religious institutions must be apolitical and refrain from being used by politicians.

[Source:-New straits Times]