BUSTED in Bali! On ‘family trip’, Indian tourists steal accessories from hotel, video goes viral

Renowned TV anchor Mini Mathur was among those who slammed the Indian tourists for their humiliating behaviour. (Photo credit: Twitter)

At a time when India is creating new landmarks in space with its spectacular launch of Chandrayaan-2, there are some citizens who are making things difficult rather shameful for fellow countrymen and women down on Earth. On Sunday, a video of some Indian tourists stealing room accessories such as towels, hair dryers, soap dispensers went viral. Indian Twitter was peeved for such a shameful behaviour. “This family was caught stealing hotel accessories. Such an embarrassment for India. Each of us carrying an #IndianPassport must remember that we are ambassadors of the nation and behave accordingly. India must start cancelling passports of people who erode our credibility,” a Twitter user @hemanthpmc said while posting the clip on the micro-blogging site.

The two minute, twenty second video clip showed men and women, who were part of an Indian family tour, first arguing and then apologising to the hotel staff.  “We are really very sorry. This is a family tour,” the woman is heard repeating. The man accused of theft is heard saying, “I will pay.” At this, the hotel staff hit back with stinging remark. “I know you have a lot of money but this is no respect,” the staff said.

Renowned TV anchor Mini Mathur was among those who slammed the Indian tourists for their humiliating behaviour. “The worst example of entitled Indian travellers who are a disgrace to the image of our country. Casually stealing hand washes, room artefacts, hair dryers from a hotel room in Bali. And the uncle pawing the hotel person at the end is just (sic),” Mathur said on Twitter

To add insult to injury, an advisory by a Swiss hotel also went viral that asked the guests from India to ‘behave’. Industrialist Harsh Goenka shared the special note with a thoughtful message. “Reading this notice I felt angry, humiliated and wanted to protest. But a realisation dawned that we as tourists are loud, rude, not culturally sensitive. With India becoming an international power, our tourists are our best global ambassadors. Let’s work on changing our image!,” Goenka wrote.

So far, no official statement has been made by the hotel and the Indian tourists have also not been identified.