Broke but stylish: Top designer tells you how to shop for the best look on a budget

Shop smart and buy classics that can be teamed up with various separates.

There’s no need to blow up an entire month’s salary just to get the latest look. You can put your best forward even while on a budget. Designer Neha Agarwal, the brains behind the brand Agami, lists some tips and tricks:

1) Less is more. Go minimal – it’s not about having less. It is about making room for more clothing that matters. Instead of buying yet another extra pair of denims, go for a skirt instead.

2) Shop smart and buy classics that can be teamed up with various separates. For example, a basic well fitted pair of denims can be teamed with a crisp white shirt for the day, and can also be worn with a black racer-back top for the night. This way, you get two looks at the price of one.

3) Do not compromise on quality even when on a budget. For example, stick to non-synthetic fabrics rather than polyester blends, and take a look at the stitch of the seams before any purchase. Try and make the best quality purchase from the budget you have in mind.

Scout for good deals online. (Shutterstock)

4) The annual and end-of-season sales work well for a tight budget shopping spree. Shop at the factory outlets of the high-street fashion brands rather than at their retail outlets to get the best prices. This way, you can squeeze in an extra top in your set budget.

5) Shopping online helps get the buyer good discounts and deals. Like they say, workaholics who do not get this time to shop, should spend their Sundays on a couch with their coffee mug empty and online shopping cart full.

6) Review your existing wardrobe, and aim at modifying the same by purchasing only accessories (for example, scarfs and jackets), rather than a complete ensemble, to give it a new and funky twist.

7) Finally, don’t be afraid to raid your mother’s closet for some hidden vintage classics that are timeless in fashion. For instance, I’ve taken my mother’s vintage silk sari and modified it into a classic shirt and also made a scarf for myself from its leftover fabric.