Model Mala Bryan is wearing a neckpiece by MOYO by Bibi. Picture by David Nyanzi. 

Making a statement is the whole point of why we wear accessories. Forget dainty necklaces and earrings. It’s time to dramatically up your style with in-your-face neckpieces, rings, arm candy and earrings. Trending on the fashion circles is traditional African beaded designs fused with contemporary styles creating unique pieces that compliment your personality while celebrating your African heritage.

Here are a the dos and don’ts of wearing dramatic beaded accessories

* Do over-do-it: Choose your accessories wisely, the colours must match your outfit. From your bracelet, to your rings and earrings, the brighter the brighter the colours the more you will stand out.

Stylist Kwena Baloyi wearing hair beads by Urban Mimz by Ncumisa Mimi Duma. Picture by Luca Stefanon 

* Do balance the bold: Go big on the accessories but do keep your clothing neutral. You don’t want to walk around looking like an over decorated christmas tree, pair your accessories with subdued hues.

* Don’t compete but complete: Remember you are not in the race for the most dramatic accessories all worn at once. Don’t wear all your jewelry at once but choose accessories that complement your style and outfit.

Model Mala Bryan is wearing earrings and arm bands by MOYO by Bibi. Picture by David Nyanzi.
* Do embrace your chosen look: Some people will frown on your choice of accessories and might accuse you of trying too hard. However, confidence is key to any outfit. Hold your head up high and strut into a room illuminating confidence.

* Don’t underdo it: Accessories anchors a look and pulls items together. You are  channeling an African Goddess and your outfit needs to say so. Do mix and match clashing patterns as well as loud metallic beads.