All the Best Nintendo Switch Games and Accessories You Need to Know About

So after much waiting we finally have lots of lovely solid information about the Nintendo Switch. When it will be out, what its specs are, what games will be available, and so on. If you were lucky enough to grab a pre-order right before they ran out of stock, here are all the extra bits you might be interested in.

We’re sticking to the Nintendo games, though, because they’re far more important than Skyrim. We also aren’t mentioning any of the little things that come bundled with the switch, like the power adaptor and wrist straps, because you shouldn’t need to concern yourself with replacements anytime soon.

Joy Con Charging Grip, £28

The grip that comes with the Switch is irritating, because it doesn’t charge the Joy Con controllers. It’s not like you can put batteries in them either. So if you want to be able to play and charge, you’re going to need this extra bit of kit. It takes about three and a half hours to recharge in full, and Nintendo claims you can get an extra 20 hours of play out of it. It also turns your Joy Con controllers into something more akin to a traditional controller. [Buy it here]

Extra Joy Con Controllers, £75 a Pair/£43 Each

Just like every other console, the Switch only comes with one set of controllers. So if you play on playing multiplayer with people who don’t have one of their own, one of you is going to have to cough up for another set. You can buy them individually for £43 each, or you can buy both together (a much more economical strategy) for £75. [Buy a grey pair here | Buy a red/blue pair here | Buy left here | Buy right here]

Pro Controller, £100*

Sometimes the fancy gimmicky controllers just don’t cut it. You want a proper controller with a proper layout. That’s where the pro Controller comes in. It has motion controller, ‘HD’ rumble, and amiibo support. Though, naturally, it doesn’t come cheap. [Buy it here]

*Expect this to change, it’s only $70 on Nintendo’s US store.

Carry Case, £20

The point of the Switch is that it’s also portable, so when you’re on the go you’re definitely going to need something to put it in and keep it safe. You know, rather than letting it rattle around loose inside your bag. This also comes with a screen protector for added protection. [Buy it here]

The Wheel (Set of Two), £14

For Mario Kart, obviously. And since this is a set of two, and only requires one Joy Con a piece, two of you can play together at minimal extra cost. [Buy it here]

1-2 -Switch, £35

The Wii Sports of the Switch, showcasing exactly what all the new features are and what you can do with the hardware. Plus it’s fun, and has a mini game that involves quick draw duelling and milking cows. [Buy it here]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, £45

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo console without a Mario Kart to play on. While this is very similar to the Wii U version, it has extras as well. The game is playable in full HD (in TV mode), has a revamped battle mode, new tracks, features characters from Splatoon, and includes everything (DLC included) from the Wii U version). [Buy it here]

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, £50

Link’s latest adventure is heading to both of Nintendo’s consoles, but naturally you’re probably going to want the version with better graphics and the option to play on the train. It’s an open world adventure featuring brand new quests and monsters, and comes in two different versions. The standard version nets you the game, while the special edition comes with lots of goodies including a carry case for the console, a map, a t-shirt, a coin, and the soundtrack on CD. [Buy the standard edition here | Buy the special edition here]

Splatoon 2, £60

Nintendo’s squid-themed shooter did rather well, with great fan reception and a growing competitive scene. So it makes sense that a second one would be on the way. It has new weapons, new gear, local and online multiplayer, and brand new ways to play using the Joy Con controllers. [Buy it here]

Super Mario Odyssey, £60

Mario is-a heading to the real world, in a brand new sandbox adventure. It’s Mario, so the usual story features probably apply, though this time he has some new moves to help him along the way. For starters his cap is alive now, and can be thrown around like some sort of cloth-based boomerang. Mario is part of the reason why people love Nintendo so much, so this one can’t be missed. [Buy it here]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

An open world JRPG, the first of its kind on the Switch. Even though this is a sequel to the first Xenoblade Chronicles, this game follows a brand new character searching for a world called Elysium. We don’t know much about this one just yet, but if you’re a fan of the franchise or JRPGs, it’s one for you. [Buy it here]


Arms, £50


A multiplayer boxing game that has you both fighting with extendable arms. Those punches are motion controlled, so all you need to do is hold a Joy Con controller in your hands and throw a few fists at your virtual opponent.