Apple Store app now lets you order accessories from the Apple Watch

You can now make purchases from the Apple Store with just a few taps on your wrist. The latest version of the Apple Store app for Apple Watch lets you actually purchase accessories that you’ve favorited from your account.


You can favorite items from Apple’s website or the Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad. Payments are made using Apple Pay right on the Apple Watch.

The new feature doesn’t apply to Macs and other high dollar products; purchasing from the favorites section is limited to just accessories for now.

You also won’t be able to browse the online catalog from the Apple Watch. Being limited to favorites means this will likely only be used for impulse purchases for something you’ve been thinking about buying previously.

When AirPods and BeatsX eventually hit the market, they should probably qualify too.

Aside from making purchases on the Apple Watch using Apple Pay, the new update to the Apple Store app also includes rich notifications for alerts.

Apple Pay in apps on the Apple Watch is a feature that requires watchOS 3; rich notifications require iOS 10. The Apple Store app is available for free on the App Store.

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