Adidas unveils ‘strongest jersey’ for All Blacks rugby team

Adidas All Blacks Jersey

Sportswear giant Adidas has unveiled the new All Blacks jersey, the ‘strongest we have ever produced’ as per Adidas R&D team, with unique features such as a ground-breaking chassis system and new fabric innovation.

The fabric of the jersey is digitally woven together and has weaves that have less probability of ripping. This helps to retain the jersey’s shape under the physical demands of the modern game. The jersey fabric offers a four-way stretch, giving a more personalised fit and even greater comfort. The company has developed a system that settles underneath the jersey and shorts i.e. the ‘chassis system’, which supports a player’s kinetic chain and strengthens posture. It also improves core stability and movement efficiency.

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Deborah Yeomans, Director, Adidas Futures says, “In looking at the kinetic chain, which is the flow of energy through the body, we found an area we could improve to give the All Blacks a competitive advantage. We identified the area of the spine known as ‘L5S1’ as the key point where energy transfers between the top and bottom parts of the body. The chassis system works with the jersey to improve posture, core stability and a player’s movement efficiency.”

Moreover, the pattern of the jersey has also been re-engineered to improve the fit, preventing opposition players grabbing hold, and increasing breathability. The collar is now ribbed for improved comfort and an adaptive fit. It sits lower on the neck making it difficult for an opponent to take hold. A new graphic design, inspired by the iconic silver fern, is digitally woven into the fabric.

The jersey will be seen on field for the first time when the All Blacks play Ireland in Chicago tonight.

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