8 Swimwear Brands That Will Make Your Instagrams Pop

If you go on vacation and you don’t Instagram, did it really happen? Well, of course it did, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on humble-bragging about those sunsets, beachside cocktails, and of course your cute swimsuits. From hand-knit onesies to the go-to brand of Bondi Beach, here are eight fresh designers that will make you the envy of Insta.

Mikoh is what we refer to as a quintessential L.A. brand, which makes sense since sisters and founders Oleema and Kalani Miller grew up in Orange County, California. Thanks to L.A.’s own Kylie Jenner, the brand has risen in popularity, spearheading the return of the beachy tube top and overt sex appeal.

How to Instagram it: With your BFF who just happens to be wearing a coordinating bikini.

With her namesake line, designer Dawn Peterson, born and bred in Hawaii, has found a way to make girly swimsuits more mature. Delicate touches of ruffles and fringe offer a modern twist on the classic bikini.

How to Instagram it: Holding a perfectly scooped mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

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