8 Reasons Why French Fries Is The Universal Comfort Food

In the world of food sides, French fries have a separate comfortable unflinching place that can never be taken over by any other food. They are light, they are crunchy, they come in a myriad of styles and they are the epitome of classic. So we have for your 8 delicious reasons why no amount of fries can ever satisfy us!

1) Quick

It is literally the quickest thing to prepare; of course it is an altogether different thing that it is also the quickest thing one can finish up.

2) Airy

Hear us out on this one: French fries do come with their shortcomings but if you whip them up in a more health friendly way (sweet potato- olive oil – sesame) they are literally the lightest food that you can eat!

3) Crinkle Cut

Waffle fries, curly fries, Belgian fries, crinkle cut -these are literally just a few of the many, many varieties that French fries come in. This is also a nod to their versatility, because regardless of what your main is, fries would always be the perfect accompaniment changing shape as they perfect the art of complementing your meal!

4) Ketchup

Tell us any time when you haven’t had proper dreams of some sweet, tangy, spicy ketchup for you to dip your perfectly cut French fries, especially if you belong to the category of burger loving individuals. This is actually the food of Gods!

5) Salt
The sprinkled salt atop fries is exactly the kind of perk-me-up on a day you feel particularly low. There is nothing that can’t be solved with a bowl full of fries with some seasoning salt!

6) Oil

Yes grease is bad for you; but can you please just look at these fries frying! It is pretty much love at first sight.

7) Cheese

If you haven’t tried cheese fries, you haven’t tried anything yet. It is the most perfect comfort on cold nights, balmy days, moody days, bingey nights. All you need is melted cheese and fries, and perhaps a fork before it becomes too messy.

8) Poutine

And lastly, an honorable mention to Canada’s favourite food one which we absolutely love – Poutine. Cheese, gravy, fries and you are all set for one of the most fulfilling meals that there can be.