6th edition of Denimsandjeans.com Bangladesh returns in October!

Denimsandjeans.com Bangladesh

The sixth edition of Denimsandjeans.com Bangladesh with the theme – Vintage Recall, Denim Goes Back To Its Roots, will be held on 5thand 6th October in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. After five successful editions, this semi-annual denim show will once again provide a platform to the global denim community to share, interact and establish future transactions with denim suppliers in the country.

Keeping up with the current trend of going back into the past, the show will feature denim characteristics – the colour, the slubs, the weave, the looks which jeans had in early 1900s. The present production of denim involves a high technology in spinning, weaving and finishing in which the manufacturers will incorporate the ‘vintage’ character on the outside.

Besides, the show this time will include a couple of seminars by international denim experts and veterans where they will share their views on the different prospects of denim.

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Denimsandjeans.com Bangladesh show aims to highlight the strength of Bangladeshi denim industry which is growing very strongly and already supplies 50 per cent more denim to the European Union (EU) as compared to China. “Bangladesh has a huge potential in the textile, especially in denim and in past few years it has been growing by leaps and bounds. Our Objective has been always to show the world the immense opportunity in Bangladesh through our denim shows,” aversSandeep Agarwal, Founder of Denimsandjeans.com Bangladesh.

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